Our Frozen Cocktail Machines

Cool Rush Cocktails uses GBG frozen cocktail machines which are imported directly from Italy, offering the latest technology with guaranteed performance. All our frozen cocktail machines are thoroughly cleaned, sterilised and sanitised before each function, ensuring that the upmost hygiene is maintained. The cocktail machines are also regularly serviced and maintained to ensure reliability.

Some of the main advantages of our frozen cocktail machines include:

Quick freezing

Cool Rush Cocktails offers the faster freezing cocktail machine capability on the market, freezing a 12L bowl in approximately 45 minutes. This means that if you are adding refills to your cocktail machine during the night there will be very little down time. It also ensures quicker freezing in times of higher temperatures, particularly in summer.

12 litre capacity per bowl

Our frozen cocktail machines offer the largest capacity bowls meaning that you get more drinks out of every machine. Most cocktail machines on the market offer a maximum capacity of 8 or 10 litres, whilst our cocktail machines offer 12 litres per side, so this makes for an extra 2 litres per bowl.

Stainless steel body

Our frozen cocktail machines have a polished stainless steel finish which makes for an attractive appearance with contemporary design and ensures cleanliness and hygiene.

Different sized machines to cater for your amount of guests
Our frozen cocktail machines come in three sizes, a single bowl, twin bowl cocktail machine and a triple bowl cocktail machine. Each bowl has a capacity of 12 litres, so the single holds 12 litres, the twin bowl cocktail machine holds 24 litres and the triple bowl cocktail machine holds 36 litres. So depending on how many guests your having, you can choose which frozen cocktail machine best suits you. Refills are also available which allows you to top up your frozen cocktail machine throughout the night if you run out.

Easy to use

We set up the frozen cocktail machine and fill it up with your chosen flavours. We also adjust the settings to ensure the cocktail machine freezes the liquid at the right consistency. All you need to do is pull down the handle of your frozen cocktail machine and enjoy!