Slushie & Cocktail Machine Hire

Slushie & Frozen Cocktail Machine Hire

Slushie machine hire in Sydney and Melbourne is available through Cool Rush. We are a leading supplier of frozen cocktail machine hire and slushie machines for events and parties. We combine great prices with a great flavour range to deliver a range of affordable slushie machine hire packages. Having started in Sydney in 2005, our cocktail machine hire services have since been introduced to Melbourne and our delicious slushies can be enjoyed across the country across the entire year.

Cocktail machine hire is a great way to have ready to go alcoholic beverages or non alcohol slushies for your event. They can be used for both adult and children’s parties. We have a large selection of flavours that cover over fifty cocktails, including favourites like the strawberry daiquiri, the margarita, tequila sunrise, pina colada, cosmopolitan and much more. We also have a non-alcoholic children friendly range with all the favourites such as cola, blue tongue, raspberry and fruit tingle slushies.

Our slushie machine hire packages include single, double and triple bowl sizes available. Depending on the size of the party, you can choose a cocktail machine that makes the amount of drinks you require. For a very small party, a single bowl cocktail machine will usually suffice, making up to sixty cocktails or slushies. Alternatively, you can go for a double or triple bowl daiquiri machine if you require more slushies or want to offer your guests a few cocktail flavours to choose from.

Delivery of our cocktail machine hire is available for a small fee. Each cocktail machine hire package also includes regular cups and straws for free. So if you’re looking to hire a Slushie machine near me, contact us for the best hire details in Sydney and Melbourne.

Slushie Machine Hire Catering guide:

We often get asked for advice on how many frozen slushies or cocktails to cater for an event. Each party is different, and hence requires a different solution. There are many factors that affect the rate of daiquiri consumption. For example, are the cocktails being provided free, or paid for? Are there any other beverages on offer? Are the cocktails being served as a pre drink, or being served all night? Is it an event in the summer, or winter? These are all factors that you must consider when choosing your cocktail or slushie machine package.

Based on previous experience, we recommend 2-3 drinks per person. You will find some people may not drink any cocktails at all, and some will keep coming back. If you have 50 people, you would look at hiring a twin bowl cocktail machine. That way everyone would have at least two drinks and there would still be some left over for those that want more.

Slushie & Frozen Cocktail Flavours

We have the biggest cocktail and slushy flavour range of any supplier in the frozen beverage industry. All our fruit based flavours contain real fruits and ingredients for a more fresh and realistic frozen cocktail. Our strawberry and mango daiquiris are favourites for their pulpy consistency.

All our cocktail mix comes as non-alcoholic in a liquid form. Most clients do add alcohol to the machine, and recipes of what alcohol to add can be found on our flavours page. The cocktail machine will turn your chosen liquid into a slushie ice drink within 60 minutes, so there is no need to add your own ice. You can also enjoy the drinks as mocktails if you don’t wish to add alcohol.

We also cater for the kids with a fun range of children friendly slushy flavours. We have a healthier fruit selection, but also have some sweeter slushies like cola and blue lemonade.

Slushie Machine Delivery

Our cocktail machine hire Sydney and Melbourne packages are able to be delivered for a small fee. Our friendly logistics team will help set up your Slushie machine or cocktail machine hire package at your venue, house or work place. They will ensure the machines settings are adjusted and the slushie or cocktail mix is added.

Delivery of our cocktail machine hire packages are available in Sydney and Melbournes seven days a week. Slushie machine hire packages can be organised last minute subject to availability of the machines and room in the trucks, but its always best to book as far ahead as possible to avoid disappointment, especially in summer when slushy machines are most in demand.